Friday, May 3, 2013

Punk: The Chaos of Couture

   I'm sorry I've been out for so many days, but my health problems wouldn't even let me sit on a chair( yes, I have actually spent the last 3 days in bed, sick, drinking tones of tea, taking tones of pills...). Thank God I am alright now!

   While I was like a " heroin-chic", I thought that it would be the perfect moment to empathize with the " sick" characters from a movie that I consider as good as Oliver Stone's The Doors(1991) - namely Alex Cox's Sid and Nancy(1986). You can easily predict that it is about the lethal love of Sid Vicious( Sex Pistols) and Nancy Spungen.

    After watching this impressive movie, I rememberd that a huge " Punk manifesto" is happening on Vogue: " Punk: The Chaos of Couture":
- Punk Fashion in Vogue:

- Humans of New York:

   I have chosen some iconic images of the most iconic Punk figures:

Sid Vicious


Vivianne Westwood ( Punk's mother)


Jean Paul Gaultier

Vogue goes... Punk

   What do you think of this eccentric, shocking and violent movement?
   I see it as an act of great courage, especially for the '70s. The style is a little extreme for me, but there are a lot of " heroin-chic" models like Kate Moss or Irina Lazareanu who would definitely look fabulous in a Punk inspired outfit.
   I will be back on this topic.

   Have a nice evening!
   See you soon.
   Love, A.


  1. your post is very inspiring. I think, these years for music were interesting and crazy :) Oh yeah, this style fits Kate Moss perfectly :)

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    1. Oh Hi! I have just visited your blog back and I love it, too. I followed you on both Gfc and Bloglovin. Keep up the good work!
      Kisses, A.

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