Monday, May 20, 2013

The Real Fashion Icons

   Lately, I've heard some people talking about fashion icons and I've even seen a top made by a famous Romanian fashion magazine of fashion icons and, sadly, I came to the conclusion that the concept of " Fashion Icon" is misunderstood. To make it clear from the beginning, not any celebrity can be taken as a fashion standard.

   Lets try to answer to these questions: What does Fashion Icon mean?
                                                                Who are the real Fashion Icons?


   In my view, it is really important to remain objective while talking about Fashion Icons. We should know that not everyone in the magazines or on the TV is a fashion etalon; even if we admire someone, we should reflect on the reason we have this sympathy and not anything that person does for good. As I said, reflection is really constructive. This is available for fashion, too. Unfortunatelly, not every public person takes into account hiring a stylist. A lot of celebrities wear expensive clothing which looks bad because they believe they have an amazing personal style. A professional never does this.

   What does Fashion Icon mean? Well, in my opinion, a Fashion Icon is a person who is accepted by almost every fashion critic as being a well dressed person, someone who usually appears in the Best Dressed section( not one who accidentally dresses well), a person with a genuine personal style that not only fits his/ her body, but also his/ her personality and attitude, a person whose style is definitely unmistakeable!

   Examples of Fashion Icons( this is just my opinion, if you don't agree, feel free to comment):

- Coco Chanel( The One and The Only!)

- Audrey Hepburn( we all know that Hubert de Givenchy in person took care that miss Hepburn will always look... Iconic!; she is believed to be the most elegant and the best dressed female of all times, she has never been dethroned; her pictures became " archetypal")

- Lisa Fonssagrives

- Anna Wintour( her style is unmistakeable: large sunglasses, helmet haircut, her image is also... Iconic!)

- Anna dello Russo( " shoe maniac"; eccentric)

- Carine Roitfeld( ex-model; muse to Tom Ford at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent; associated with Versace and Calvin Klein)

- Miroslava Duma

- Ulyana Sergeenko( dramatic, theatrical style)

- Daphne Guinness


   Romanian Fashion Icons: unfortunately, I can only think of one right now- Iulia Albu.

   Iulia Albu is a fashion editor and a fashion blogger( After she graduated from the Law School, she attended the Fashion Design section at the Univeristy of Arts. Almost all of her outfits are designed by her. Her last name comes from her ex-husband, one of the best Romanian designers, Mihai Albu, from whom she has learned a lot, she admitted in some public speech. It's a pity that in Romania she is more famous because of her divorce and for having a hen as a pet, rather than being a fashion icon and a very active person in the Romanian fashion journalism and events. She describes herself as " Flapper Girl" and in an article on her blog she wrote that her style was highly influenced by her aunt, Ileana FocÈ™a ( actress).


   Who do you consider is worth being " labeled" as a Fashion Icon? Please let me know.

   See you soon,
   Love, A.


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