Friday, July 19, 2013

Rihanna.S(tyle) and M(use)

   Even though I am not into her music, I must admit that it's been a while since every public appearance of Rihanna has always been close to gorgeous( also thank to her body which is in the best shape). It is obvious that she and her style grown up and I am really looking forward to see what's next.

   Rihanna has been a trend setter since she entered the big industry, remember her short, shaved on one side haircut, the latex costume, the dominatrix style, sporty chic, and now there are the 2 piece netted costumes, short tops, the boyfriend jeans, the pencil skirt and classic pumps.


 Rihanna is one of the most appreciated R'n'B stars, both for her artistic skills and for her image. Her style will always be a guide for the others, both famous and ordinary people( probabbly even more than Lady Gaga, because her outfits are usually appropriate for going out on the street, Lady Gaga is a genius, but you have to be Lady Gaga to wear those clothes).

   The fact that Rihanna has become one of the most influential muses is more than predictable and all right. But there is always the same problem: it is OK to get inspired, it is KO to copy!

Dear Miley Cyrus,
Rihanna is the first good girl who gone bad. Please stop being awkward. Whatever suits Rihanna will not suit you the same, it is also about attitude and genuineness.

Love, A.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vintage Earrings

   What I love the most about the Vintage jewelry is that it can be worn in very modern, avangardist way and they fit in any outfit. Take a look at a gorgeous example :


Spanish inspired outfit:

 Old Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn-like outfit:

Rock outfit:

   This pair of earrings is purchased from a very stylish boutique, Italian Vintage( online shop: ). Trust me, everything is fabulous about it.

Frida Kahlo

   Summer time...

   Everybody is obsessed with getting tanned and there are a lot of tricks that make your skin appear a shade or two darker. The most common is the use of strong colors, neon or fluorescent (or marker as I call them). I opted for another: smassive gold jewelry and strong shades of red on lips, nails and floral prints.

    My choice was inspired by the photos of Frida Kahlo, who have become iconic. Who does not recognize Frida, the one with the flower tiara, bonded eyebrows, plain or printed shawls, long flared skirts and gold jewelry?

    July is the "Frida- month": she was born on the 6th(1907) and she died on the 13th(1954). I took some photos of my new look, only that I don't go out with the bonded eyebrows. Please let me know your opinion.

   The earrings are vintage, the rings were taken from different boutiques, the bracelets are from Meli Melo, the roses broches are made by my grandmother and the shawl is from a hippie boutique called Forever Young.

    Spanish- Mexican night out:

   Have a lovely week.
   Love, A.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paul Poiret

   " I am an artist, not a dress maker."- Paul Poiret

   As I said in the yesterday post, I am back and I have some interesting ideas like... " One designer a day"( I hope will keep anything bad away). So for today I chose the amazing Paul Poiret. Controversial in his time, Poiret brought amazing elements that were not only highly modernist for the late 19th century- the beginning of the 20th century, but they are still very used and appreciated today( just that probably most of us do not know that we owe him these).

   In case you do not know too much about Paul Poiret, I invite you to read this short biography of this amazing 20th century designer.

   Paul Poiret was born in 1879 in a village near Paris, in a middle-class family. As a chiild, he would work in the atelier of an umbrella maker. He would collect the silk left from the cutting of umbrella patterns and he would make clothes for a doll that he received from his sister.

   His first clients would buy his drawings, including Madame Madelein Cheruit, among other important Parisian fashion houses. In 1896, Jaques Doucet hired him and in 1903 he opened his own fashion house.

   During the World War I, Poiret enrolled in the army. when he returned to Paris in 1919, he was already out of the market because it had been taken over by the new designers, like Coco Chanel, whose clothes were more confortable, simble, yet very stylish( chic). In 1926, the Poiret fashion house was completely closed and the leftover dresses were sold as rags. He died in 1944.

   Paul Poiret is responsible for the first Art deco fashion movement; his designs were truly avangardist and modernist for the beginning of the 20th century. He brought the slim, high-waisted silhouette and the less-structured cut. He was inspired by the Persian style and by Orientalism. His style can be described as exotic, elegant and extravagant.

   He used light silks, he introduced the golden tassels in haute couture, turbans, tunic dresses, kimono coats, bold use embroidery and harem trousers.

   Paul Poired was the first couturier to launch a perfume linked to a fashion house- Parfums de Rosine, named after one of his daughters.

   Paul Poiret was an eccentric, he was not only an innovative designer, but also a great merchant, who combined pleasure with business: history remembers him for the exorbitant and opulent parties that he would throw in order to draw attention upon his designs.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm back !

   I've been out for so long( for precisely one month!!!) that I almost forgot how to type. I've been busy with my exams and some other staff that kept me from doing whatever I wanted( posting on my blog about which I hope you did not forget completely).

   The saddest thing in my opinion is that I was not able to keep up with all the Fashion news, though I've tried... At least I've read all the e-mails coming from Vogue, I've watched the E! News and Fashion Police and I had the decency to buy magazines( ELLE, Marie Claire, Beau Monde, Cosmo...). Annnnd I've watched some Sex and the City episodes in the evenings in which I was exhausted enough that all I could do was hearing that cute soundtrack and admiring Carrie's pieces of clothing( I came to the conclusion that she had not the best taste in Fashion... at least not in combining things... if Patricia Field was also the actress, not just the stylist, things would have been better I guess... or not, Sarah Jessica Parker is the perfect Carrie...). Unfortunately I could not read all my favourite blogs or websites... I hope I didn't lose too much...
   But now my recovery is almost complete. I'm back! And I have some ideas that I really hope you will like.

   The truth is that now, that I actually got to confess all these, I realize that things have not been so bad for me... As the famous song says, " With a little help from my friends" and my mom, I managed to stay close to Fashion by purchasing some stuff that I would like to share with you :)


   Please feel free to comment on anything you want.

   Aw, and today I boght the July issue of ELLE Romania and I've noticed that my letter is in it :D

   See you soon,
   Kisses, A.