Friday, July 19, 2013

Rihanna.S(tyle) and M(use)

   Even though I am not into her music, I must admit that it's been a while since every public appearance of Rihanna has always been close to gorgeous( also thank to her body which is in the best shape). It is obvious that she and her style grown up and I am really looking forward to see what's next.

   Rihanna has been a trend setter since she entered the big industry, remember her short, shaved on one side haircut, the latex costume, the dominatrix style, sporty chic, and now there are the 2 piece netted costumes, short tops, the boyfriend jeans, the pencil skirt and classic pumps.


 Rihanna is one of the most appreciated R'n'B stars, both for her artistic skills and for her image. Her style will always be a guide for the others, both famous and ordinary people( probabbly even more than Lady Gaga, because her outfits are usually appropriate for going out on the street, Lady Gaga is a genius, but you have to be Lady Gaga to wear those clothes).

   The fact that Rihanna has become one of the most influential muses is more than predictable and all right. But there is always the same problem: it is OK to get inspired, it is KO to copy!

Dear Miley Cyrus,
Rihanna is the first good girl who gone bad. Please stop being awkward. Whatever suits Rihanna will not suit you the same, it is also about attitude and genuineness.

Love, A.