Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frida Kahlo

   Summer time...

   Everybody is obsessed with getting tanned and there are a lot of tricks that make your skin appear a shade or two darker. The most common is the use of strong colors, neon or fluorescent (or marker as I call them). I opted for another: smassive gold jewelry and strong shades of red on lips, nails and floral prints.

    My choice was inspired by the photos of Frida Kahlo, who have become iconic. Who does not recognize Frida, the one with the flower tiara, bonded eyebrows, plain or printed shawls, long flared skirts and gold jewelry?

    July is the "Frida- month": she was born on the 6th(1907) and she died on the 13th(1954). I took some photos of my new look, only that I don't go out with the bonded eyebrows. Please let me know your opinion.

   The earrings are vintage, the rings were taken from different boutiques, the bracelets are from Meli Melo, the roses broches are made by my grandmother and the shawl is from a hippie boutique called Forever Young.

    Spanish- Mexican night out:

   Have a lovely week.
   Love, A.

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