Friday, February 15, 2013

The real " Hello!"

     As long as I have started posting on a blog, I guess it might be polite to introduce myself to you, the ones who spent at least 10 seconds on my page and to those who will accidentally or not stop on it. I am a twenty years old Fashion addict-passionate-obsessed, living a pretty simple life in my birth town, along with with my beloved ones, my not so favourite ones and especially with my heels, jewellery, clothes, bags, ... I am studyng literature and all the nice things related to it at the University and " Fashion" on my own.
    Do you wonder why I keep on writing Fashion with capital " f"? Well, I believe that Fashion is a kind of secondary religion, a way of living, pure art, the expression of one's self. I agree with the idea that " Fashion is all about eventually becoming naked" and that before you get to know the inner self of a " meet" her/his style that screams almost everything about what you can find inside.
    I must admit that I was kind of nervous before actually creating this blog; I have visited hundreds of blogs before, I have seen a lot of people talking about Fashion, exposing their style and I really wanted to connect with them, to share the same passion. But this was not the only reason: I aim to become a Fashion Journalist and I find this blog a kind of practice.
    I don't intend to get you really bored so I guess you will figure out a lot more from this post further.
    See you soon,
    Love, A.

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