Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What and When

   I oftenly have to deal with full schedules, meaning that I leave home early in the morning, like 7:30  and I arrive back home maybe later than 12 p.m. You can guess: morning-> school or meetings, lunch-> cafeteria or restaurant, evening-> birthday party or a girl's night out. What shall I wear on that day so that it suits all those events?
   I have seen a lot of very good looking women in inappropriate places... Did they have to face the same full day? It doesn't matter how high is the quality of those women or which brand they belong to as long as they are worn in an unfortunate combination, in a bad moment. Remember: we are not Carrie Bradshaw( the Sex and the City protagonist) to be able to wear whatever, whenever; even Sarah Jessica Parker once said that she would not normally wear some of the outfits used for the TV show. For example: 

Carrie was cute no matter what mostly because of her attitude. She looks great even in these two photos... but these mixture of clothes and accessories are NOT proper for going out. Separately, I would really like to have all those in my wardrobe.


   I am sure that most of you have heard about Nina Garcia's books about What and When to wear. I recommend you especially  The LookBook( 2010). It is very useful and very pleasant to read. There is also The Style Strategy(2009), The One Hundred( 2008) and a few more. Here is her official site:
and another site that I hope will also be useful to you:
   See you soon,
   Love, A.

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