Friday, February 15, 2013


   Fashion is a permanent changing domain, trends are always moving...  how do we keep up?
   We usually find a role model ( who is usually a celebrity, a designer, a model, ...). I find totally right to find such a model, at least until you can define your own style. But do we always chose the right person?
   I love waking up early and going out on the wonderful streets in my city. They are really crowded and it is the perfect ocasion to observe and " study" people. You may guess that my attention is especially set on girls my age, young women, who are on their way to success. Unfortunatelly, I don't always see the right clothing combination ( the reason can be mutiple: getting up early can be an issue for some people, being always late also applies...)... But what if these women have actually a role model who was chosen on a wrong basis. I cand tell this because it is obsvious when a person dress to impress and this is the worst thing that can happen. How do we choose our role models?
   It is really important to get inspired by an apropriate person and try not to become a copy of the " archetype". The first step would be to analyse our own style. Where does Fashion get inspired from? Music, Art, Literature, Nature...( see where you are). Then, unless we addopt a classy style which usually suits any type of bodt, I thing that it would be a great idea to be honest with ourselves and start analyzing our body types. If we really love an eccentric, exotic, extravagant style, we should be really cautious: the person we chose as a model would better have the same body type as ours and also a similar personality; the best style is the one we feel the most comfortable wearing, the one that expresses the exact message that we want to transmit.    Here is a source which shows us what to wear according to our body types:
I hope this will be useful.
   I will post some photos of certain celebs that we all recognize for their great style.
   See you soon,
   Love, A.

Nicole Richie
 Keira Knightley
 Leighton Meester
 Gwen Stefani
 Sienna Miller
 Giuliana Rancic

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