Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Famous Apartment. Gabrielle Coco Chanel's

   Yesterday, I wrote about 3 famous apartments of some of the 3 most famous feminine characters( Holly Golightly, Blair Waldorf and Carrie Bradshaw). I cannot pass this topic unless I write about another famous apartment " owned" by a woman who lived her reality as a Victorian character: Gabrielle " Coco" Chanel.

   Everybody knows something about her, even if not everyone read her biography( at least everybody interested in Fashion must have seen " Coco avant Chanel"(2009) with Audrey Tautou). She had a tumultuous, controversial life, full of compromise, a life that Coco used to "improvise" when she wanted to fescape the very complicated reality that she had to face so many times. In general, fashion designers are eccentric, complicated, " hard to get". Because she had reinvented herself and took it over again so many times, Gabrielle Chanel has something special that makes her difficult but ambitious personality, what it represents today, after more than 4 decades from her death : Coco's image remained the emblem of the strong woman, a powerful and " avant-gardist" woman, who is not afraid of prejudice, who is willing to fight for what hse wants, who permeates in a man's world by using their weapons: the suit and  and the trousers.

   About her death:
  " As 1971 began, Chanel was 87 years old, tired, and ailing, but nonetheless stuck to her usual routine of preparing the spring catalog. She had gone for a long drive that afternoon and feeling ill, went to bed early where she died on Sunday, January 10, 1971 at the Hotel Ritz where she had resided for more than 30 years. Her grave is located in the Bois-de-Vaux Cemetery, Lausame, Switzerland." - Wikipedia

   About her apartment:
   Coco loved luxury and this can be seen in her beautiful, opulent apartment, about which you can read here The Coveteur review:


   "Chanel and Place Vendôme are very linked. She lived in the Ritz, now there is a Jewelry shop, it’s very Paris, there are many photos of her on the place Vendôme. The big site of the Ritz is also still the Ritz, a part of the place Vendôme." Karl Lagerfeld

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