Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mary Kate Olsen. Hot or Not?

   What do you think of mary kate's style, is it hot or not?
    I heard a lot of opinions: some say that she is a Boho-chic pioneer, pushing it very much to its hippie limits in an unique and glam way; some say that her style is exaggerated, she wears a large quantity of clothing and jewelry  that makes her eccentricity an unpleasant one.

    Personally, I think Mary Kate Olsen has up and downs like all of us have, but her ups manage to swallow her mistakes; the fact that she can be distinguished from her twin sister Ashley is commendably and I really admire her style evolution in time. To me, Mary Kate is a Fashion Icon who must be viewed as a work of art, without someone trying to copy her in detail, because what suits her perfectly, would definitely be a Fashion Faux Pas on anybody else. So, in my opinion, Mary Kate olsen is Hot!

   These are my favourite Mary Kate looks:










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