Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fashion Icons need Fashionable Houses

   I'm quite sure you have watched at least one of the following 3( if not all of them as I did).
   Before telling what or who I'm going to talk about, I'll tell you what I think is (besides Fashion) also defining our personal styles and our personalities: the places we live in. Do you agree with this idea?

   From my experience, I can tell you that all the apartments or houses I've visited so far, reflect the owner's personality, just like clothing does. The similarity between the place we live in and ourselves is really impressive, and maybe we don't even notice this, but our visitors surely do. You may say " Money is a problem. Maybe someone dreams of living in a certain place, decorated in a certain way, but he/she cannot afford it." I totally agree, we all dream of sparkling houses. But I've realized that people who cannot afford certain things, resume at using their wit and imagination to make their places look as closer as possible to their dream homes. And this is something I really admire!

   As children, we all watch movies and cartoons and we all desire to live in castles and we even see ourselves as pricesses/ princes. Didn't you use to improvise costumes and rooms like the ones in the movies? I did and my mother was really amased by my imagination and the analogics I made between objects; some people still do this and I think it is a very good thing, because we can't " always get what we want"( as a famous song says).

   Turning back to my topic, you've probably guessed who I'm going to talk about and yes, you are right: I'm going to talk about 3 of the most famous feminine characters in 3 of the most popular and influential Tv-series or movies, best known for their both style and places they live in: Holly Golightly( Breakfast at Tiffany's), Blair Waldor( Gossip Girl), Carrie Bradshaw( Sex and the City). They all live on the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

   Breakfast at Tiffany's was filmed in 1961, in an apartment on the East 71st Street, East Side New York. The lovely main character, Holly Golightly, which is probably the most famous interpreted by Audrey Hepburn, lives in a simple, messy apartment, sprinkled with stylish and intriguing elements ( e.g. in the living room, there is a tub which is used as a sofa), just like her frisky personality, sometimes even superficial, but who is addicted to the sophisticated Givenchy clothes.


   Blair Waldorf( interpreted by Leighton Meester), whose role model is Audrey Hepburn lives in the same apartment in which Breakfast at Tiffany's was filmed. Blair is also a Manhattan it-girl, who is always trying to keep up with everything; when there is nothing to worry about or when there is no drama, count on her, she will make it! Her apartment is my favourite: it is extremely large, stylish, with beautiful furniture and incredible elements, like the wallpaper with Marie Antoinette in Blair's bedroom. I used to watch Gossip Girl for this apartment and for the clothing. Blair is not only a drama queen, but also a 21st century " burgeois", who sees herself as a royal person. Her room is perfectly matching this attitude.

   The last on my list, but never the least, is Carrie Bradshaw( interpreted by Sarah Jessica Parker), who sort of is one of my role models. Carrie is a writer, who lives in an apartment which is not finished in the first seasons, but which will become a really fancy one towards the end. Carrie seems to only be passing by her apartment, which is a storage for her Dolce and Blahnik shoes and sometimes the meeting place with her friends, who are allowed to to almost everything in there. Carrie is a free spirit, and sometimes scattered, just like her apartment, but as the years go by, she becomes a truly fashion icon. Her apartment in the Tv-series is supposed to be on 245 East 73rd Street, but the real address is on the 66 Perry Street. Both are in the East Side.

   I would really like to know which of the 3 characters is your favourite and also which apartment you would like to like in, so please write to me :D
   I'm looking forward to reading your answers.

   Have a lovely day!
   Love, A.


  1. This is amazing! You are totally right, a house is definitely reflecting owner's personality.