Monday, April 15, 2013


   " Today is Monday... but nothing lasts forever."

   We all " love" Mondays. I'm not sure if it is because of getting up early or because it will be a full schedule week... or because time passes so fast that we already find ourselves on Saturday night when we feel like it is just Wednesday afternoon.

   Because almost everybody fears Monday, I've heard that there is a " substancial" variety of sayings related to this day, which is believed to influence or to " predict" the whole week; a lot of people try to be positive on Monday morning, some of them try to make something good for someone, a lot of them avoid spending or borrowing money and so on; but a lot of people choose another way to start a new week with energy and cheerfulness: they put on a lovely outfit which generates delight, joy, comfort and joviality.

   These days I have a preference for those outfits that have a very masculine tone, because I strongly believe that they manage to highlight feminity very well. In other words, this contrast between feminine and masculine favors the sweet, delicate side of a person.

   For today, I have found a perfect match between the two mentioned above, with an extraordinary classy tendency. Take a look:


   She is Alexandra, a very nice colleague of mine. She is likes Kristen Stewart( whose style is also very much inspired by the classy masculine looks and who is addicted to the wayfarer sunglasses) and the iconic James Dean( whose outfits almost always contained the classy white shirt). Maybe these two influenced a little her style.
   I love the fact that she combined a lot of accessories without creating a strained look: the hat, the wayfarer sunglasses, the bow( which is adoraaaableeeee!!!), the oxford shoes... Her face and hair are very well revealed by this combination.

   Thank you, Alexandra!
   I'm sure you will all love her outfit.

   Have a nice evening and a lovely week!
   See you soon,
   Kisses, A.


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    1. Thank you!

      Your blog is awesome! I followed you on Gfc
      Kisses, A.