Monday, March 25, 2013

Do it for the Kids' !

   Heya! This weekend I've viewed the photos from the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Red Carpet. I must confess that I am quite dissapointed, celebrities could definitely do it better for the Kids'.

  Childhood is such a wide and complex topic, deedless to say pure, genuine and colorful, it is so inspiring; for example, it is widely known that for the Victorians, escapism meant to return to childhood, love and nature. I honestly don't see how celebrities interpreted it this year. I've seen a lot of mini skirts, a lot of high-heels, a lot of  "girlies" who tried to look like in their 25th... and celebrities who could set up an example for the young ladies.

   To begin with, almost everybody on the " purple" carpet looked a like. I had a strange feeling that they were asked to wear an uniform: mini-skirt- pumps- clutch bag- hair worn down.

 Ke$ha and her 13 years old brother, Louie Sebert. I love this picture! Anyone else would have looked awful, but they are amazing!

 Victoria Justice in Pia Pauro dress and Aldo sandals( she looks nice, but she could have done much for that amazing body)
 Selena Gomez in Oscar de la Renta outfit and Gucci shoes( I don't like the hair and the nailpolish)
 Tanya Chisholm( she should have worn a V-shapped neckband dress and maybe a longer one. The shoes seem also too "heavy" for her legs)
 Khloe Kardashian( I like those likes on her dress; she looks bright)
 Katy Perry in Anita Ko( she looks as if she is going to a pool party)
 Jessica Alba in Mary Katrantzou dress( I think that some coral pumps were better, but I love her hair and makeup; I don't think Jessica Alba will ever get old)
 Lucy Hale( it seems that she didn't have much inspiration that day; but she is sweet somehow)
 Kiernan Shipka(she is just 13; she is so nice in this boho-chic inspired outfit)
 Olivia Holt in Mara Hoffan dress(nice look for a girls' day out, not for the Red-Purple Carpet)

 Oana Gregory(she is so pretty, but her shoes do not seem to go with the dress)

 Debby Ryan in Topshop dress and Jean Michael Cazabat shoes(her hair and makeup are great, but that's all)

 Amandla Stenberg(the dress is so cute! I think that some yellow pumps worked better with the dress)


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  1. I agree with you! These ladies were not very inspired...