Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rock'n' Roll Daughters(Like father, like daughter)

   Remember when I said that between Rock'n' Roll and Fashion there is a strong bond? In addition to my Rock'n' Fashion(February) post here comes another one which demonstrates the very strong " liaison" between the two of them... and which relation is stronger than the father-daughter one?

   I have always wondered how life must be as a Rock'n' Roll daughter; I assure that it isn't easy at all. Some of them were kept away from their fathers' fame, but some of them couldn't escape the crazy life and the mistakes which were not even theirs. But most of them managed to restore and to make their "daddys" proud. Aaaand, most of them are now "engaged" to the Fashion industry( worthless wondering why- some of the " Rock'n Roll-moms" used to be supermodels).

   Here is a top 10 of the nicest Rock'n'Roll daughters:

1. Liv Tyler( daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler): she found out that Steven is her father while she was enjoying an Aerosmith concert with her mother; she worked as a model and now she is an actress; she is considered one of the world's most beautiful women:

2. Minka Kelly( daughter of Rick Dufay from Aerosmith): she is an actress; she is best known for her role in The Roommate:

3. Georgia May Jagger( daughter of Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger): she is a model:

4. Alexandra Richards( daughter of Keith Richards, founder member of Rolling Stones): model and DJ:

5. Kelly Osbourne( daughter of the Rock'n'Roll legend, Ozzy Osbourne): singer, fashion designer and fashion critic at FashionPolice on E!; her father's fame made her a rebelious teenager( she was a drug addict as a teenager; her body is full of tattoos); after she got over the substance abuse problems she became a respectable stylish woman:

6. Frances Bean Cobain( daughter of the late lead singer of Nivervana, Kurt Cobain): artist and model; her mother is Kourtney Love( as a result, her childhood was not a happy and normal one):

7. Lauren Harris( daughter of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris): she is a singer who was discovered in a pub by Russ Ballard, who was not aware of whose daughter she was:

8. Erin Lucas( daughter of Cliff Williams from Ac/Dc): model and actress:

9. Kimberly Stewart( daughter of Rod Stewart): model, fashion designer and actress:

10. Calico Cooper( daughter of shock-rocker Alice Cooper): actress and singer; she has been performing with her dad:

    Since this is a Fashion blog, there is another Rock'n'Roll daughter who deserves to be mentioned apart from any top, in other words, she deserves a special place because she is extremly talented and being the daughter of her legendary dad is arbitrary and irrelevant. You've probably guessed who the 11th Rock'n'Roll daughter is: Yes, Stella McCartney. She is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, member of the Beatles. Stella McCartney is one of the most famous and in vogue Fashion designers. In 2000 received the VH1/Vogue Designer of the Year award and on 2013 she was appointed Officer of the British Empire(OBE) New Year Honours for services to fashion.


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P.S. If you were to choose your father, whose daughter you'd be?
I think I would have like to be Jim Morrison's daughter( he was a great writer, maybe some of his talent could have tranfer to me), but he was way too groggy so I guess it's better I'm not.


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