Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leisure Time. The Need to Spend Time Alone

   Last evening I wrote about television, which is one of the most frequent ways to spend the leisure time. For example, at 5:38 p.m. there were like 521.703 TVs sold today all over the world( But TV is not the only " activity", there are several ways which are definitely more attractive. For me, leisure time is one of the rare occasions to act in any way we want, no matter what or who or where.

   I have asked some of my friends what they like doing in their spare time and their answers were this various:
   - cooking                   - board games
   - gaming                    - reading
   - doing sports            - dancing
   A lot of them would rather spend the time alone indoors than going out. One of them told me that going out cannot be called " leisure": you need to dress up properly, you need to act in a certaing way and there is a serious risk to meet someone that would not normally be on the " spare time's list". I tend to agree with her; we all need some time on our own.
   My sign is Gemini. You can guess that we sometimes feel like being alone because we are already with " someone else". This is completely true: I love spending time time indoors, in my comfort-zone, in my room( which I totally adore), with all my stuff, listening to music, watching oldie but goldie movies, painting, drawing, reading, searching the internet for the latest news, events, photos,... and playing. Yes, I still do that. I am sure you know Stardoll ( ). I find this game funny and entertaining and also cute; look at those clothes and shoes... they are so meticulously designed. I really appreciate what those guys are doing; except the fact that it is a nice free game, little girls and teenagers can learn about brands, style, celebrities... I would describe it as a curiosity- raising game, which is beneficial.

   I think that when we have this precious time to spend on our owns is actually the time of our real selves, of our freedom. You may say I'm childish, but can you think of something better to escape in rather that childhood? I sometimes miss childhood  and its " no worry" spirit. I am glad that I found some ways to get closer to that period, only that I adapted them to my age and my current interests. 
   See you soon,
   Love, A.