Thursday, March 21, 2013

Writers gonna Write

   Check this out:

" From this warm and lightened room, I can hear the rain that pours outside;
It sounds like a magic melody, that hypnotize me- what a familiar sound!
The book in my hands- the perfect story.
His portrait on the wall- the perfect image!
And I...I am just a woman, who waits for him every day and every night...
But there is only the RAIN and I... he comes not...
The wind frighten my hopes... but the light of the candles keep on saying that there is still hope!
There is never too late, never too far...
There is just YOU and I, as long as the rain pours out of the sky.... "

   It is indeed a rainy night in our city and someone got inspired by it. Old school or another beautiful dreamer?
   Do people still write poems? Do young people still dream of becoming writers? Are there things that never get old or for which is never too late?

   The answer has to be yes. Maybe teenagers or young writers don't use words like Wordsworth did, but they still have feelings, they love, they get hurt, they are dissapointed and melacholia is always chich. I found out( by accident or the question had just came out) that people nowadays still write. It is true that there are only a few courageous novelists or poets who post or publish their work, but a lot of us write. Even I do this from time to time, especially when I cannot sleep and my eyes are too tired to meet colors.

   I have noticed that lately there is a serious branch of agendas, notebooks which don't look a like the ones someone will definitely need, but like they are meant to become part of a stylish room, to be placed near a sparkling photo frame and to be filled in with a bohemian burgundy ink.

   As I said before, some things are meant to be " forever young" and this does not only apply to the little black dress or to the Chanel no. 5 fragrance; the fact that somebody thought that designing such amazing notebooks makes me believe that young writers are encouraged to write, to take further a beautiful tradition of literatue.

   I must confess that I am so glad that the author of the poem above is a friend of mine ( in fact, she is one of my dearest). Her name is Maria, she is 20 and she is going to shine. She has started recently to post her thoughts on a blog, but I am trying to determine her to have more trust in herself and to write write write because we all know that preactice makes perfect. You can find her here:

   What else is more pleasant on a rainy night, than enjoying the company of a good book and having a cup of tea( or milk and honey)? I hope you will enjoy reading her blog and I wish you a beautiful evening!
   See you soon,
   Love, A.

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  1. I really apreciate that you encourage me and you apreciate my stuff... And for the feeling that I have on this evening BECAUSE OF YOU, I will try to wtite as much as I can.
    Thank you, my special friend!