Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Video Killed the Radio Star

   Is " VTR" really to blame as the song says or it's more than welcome in our lives? Watching TV is probably the most common activity on Earth, everybody can do it, no special skills are required. But what about what we choose to watch on TV? How many TV programmes are worth watching? When and why do we watch TV?

   I turn on my TV every morning because I feel that it helps me wake up: I hear the news, the weather forecast, the horoscope ... but the basic reason is the watch, which is perfectly set. When I return from the Univeristy I turn the TV on again( on FashionTv or on E!), to keep me company while I'm having lunch or dinner... and there is the evening-night TV session that helps falling asleep. Basically, the TV for me is a sort of " roommate" who makes my boredom or my " domestic" activities more entertaining and pleasant. I mentioned FashionTv and E!. Yes, indeed, these are the most viewed channels. Do I enjoy all their programs? Definitely not; but they are relaxing enough that they don't interrupt or distract me from my work or from my activities and nice enough that when I need to see something different from what I'm working on or when I need a break, I can raise my look and say " Hm, nice shoes, Giuliana!" or " Nice new model!". What I really enjoy watching, and I make time for watching, is the E! News, Fashion Police, Star Style, the new collection on FashionTv and also Fashion Star on TLC and Candice Olson's Divine Design on Fine Living Network. These would be about entertaining. When it comses about " serious" stuff, I turn to History and Discovery. I usually watch what is related to Fashion, art, cinema... I used to watch the general knowledge contests, but they are no longer promoted or broadcasted in the Romanian programmes.

   From what I have heard from my friends, family or other people, they watch TV because:
   1. they want to find out what is new on the market
   2. of boredom
   3. they really enjoy certain programmes or they really like a presenter or celebrity
   The flaw is that we get used to a low level, which is powered by too much gossip( everybody does it, but sometimes we need to change the subject), too many crimes on the news, too many reality shows( is there anything wrong with me or the Kardashian family owns like... 4 or 5 TV programmes? ). Media constanlty uses this excuse: " We address to a certain category of watchers/ viewers because our rating depends on them, so we give them what they want to see". This is weak... I mean why do we need the same stories, the same gossip, the same celebrities' dramas on 4 different programmes?

   What about HBO? Remember when they broadcasted Sex and the City? I think that influenced a lot my passion for Fashion. In my opinion, series are the best part of television; they are the most relaxing routine, they come just before bedtime... On IMDb, the most popular TV series are The Walking Dead(2010), Game of Thrones(2011), The Big Bang Theory(2007), Spartacus(2010), The Vampire Diaries(2009). Except The Vampire Diaries ( which is not that great, but still... there are only beautiful people on that plot), none of my favourite TV series are within the popular ones. I love Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, Two and a half Men, Anger Management and The Borgias. I also used to look for the outfits in GossipGirl, which were, of course, Gorgeous!... and Leighton Meester looks amazing; the plot is not really my type. I'm really curious about how The Carrie Diaries [which tells the story of Carrie Bradshaw( Sex and the City) before she became a writer] is going to be... and of course, what is Carrie going to wear :D.

   See you soon,
   Love, A.


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